good electronica according to 4chan

// first: 7/02/2013

Here's to a more lighthearted post. It is 11PM and I've just put some final touches on yet another app for android. So, what do when the day is nearly over? Maybe it's time for a little treat... So here are some favourite electronica artists as mentioned in a 4chan thread. It seems like every once in a while something good does come out of that cesspool of human ingenuity...

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Here are some personal favourites:

Get a Move On by Mr. Scruff on Grooveshark

Animus Vox by The Glitch Mob on Grooveshark

84' Dreamin by Com Truise on Grooveshark

PS: If I'll get round to it, I'll write down all the artist and album names - I'm aware that some album covers are hard/impossible to read.